Oliveology Shave Gel Will Revolutionize Your Shave Experiance



Every shave is virtually a painless shaving experience which leaves the skin feeling ultra smooth and comfortable. Designed to offer the closest shave possible, the Shave Oil also penetrates and moisturizes the skin for an all day comfort sensation, which is exclusive to its patent pending formulations.

The Oliveology advantage

Moisturize While You Shave

The beauty secrets of olive oil have been long established for people living in the Mediterranean and European cultures. Within these cultures olive oil has been the primary ingredient in many skin care products for centuries. Oliveology Shave Gel will leave your skin moisturized and smooth!

Cost Efficient

Our 8 FL OZ bottle will last men approx. 150 shaves and women approx 80 shaves! Gentlemen that equals 5 months of shaving your face every morning, and ladies that is a month and a half of shaving your legs every other day!

Fragrance Free

While we all love things that smell nice, unfortunately for those with sensitive skin fragrance can cause rashes and irritation, this is why we chose to go fragrance free! 

Moisturize While You Shave

Premiere shaving product in both ease of use and comfort for the skin, formulated with rich emollients that provide a super glide top layer, which minimizes razor burn and sensitive skin resistance. Upon application, the Shave Oil softens and conditions the skin to help prevent irritation and razor cuts.



I was pleased most by the amount of gel I needed to apply. Per shave, I used a tiny fraction of the bottle because of the viscosity of the gel. It was odorless and I could see where I was shaving. After going both with and against the "grain" of hair growth, any area shaved was left very smooth. It is a wonderful product.

Christopher Clark

I bought this to help with razor bumps and I have to say I'm impressed. Not only did it help to minimize the razor burn on the back of my legs where it's the most sensitive, but it also made for a very smooth shave all over my legs. It also does a great job keeping my legs moisturized.

Ashley Phillips

I've been using Oliveology for over a year now and it's incredible!!! I've got extremely sensitive skin and have tried everything...Electric, blade, cream, lotion, potion...This stuff is the real deal...actually makes shaving enjoyable...doesn't smell, feels amazing, and you don't even need aftershave...Just Get it, you won't be sorry!!!

Edward Cooper

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