Preserving the Charm of the Past—Creating Benefits for the Future

As a cancer survivor himself, the founder of Oliveology Andy Bello, had a need for skin care products that addressed treatment-related side effects. Many cancer treatments—such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery—can affect the entire body and more noticeably, the growth of one’s hair, skin, and nails. Such treatments can cause or worsen dry skin and hair because they slow down the hair and skin’s ability to renew itself. The importance of finding effective skin care solutions became apparent.

In his efforts to maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle, Andy knew what he put on his body was just as important as what he put into his body. Because the majority of mainstream body care products contain a mixture of chemicals, allergens, and irritants, he decided to create a product line that was not only good for you, but also effective.

Determined not to compromise on his high standards when it came to using quality, natural ingredients, he looked to his childhood for inspiration.
Founded on the Principles of Olive Oil

Reflecting back on his childhood growing up Andy remembered his Italian mother used to rub olive oil into her skin each time she cooked. Not only was olive oil a major component of her family’s Mediterranean diet, his mother also believed that olive oil helped her skin maintain a healthy youthful-looking glow.

With that memory in mind, extra-virgin olive oil was to become the key ingredient in his skincare products . . . and Oliveology was born.